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Disability Housing

We provide a range of SDA services for Participants and SIL Providers

The most Inclusive and most Innovative

This is the Most Inclusive and the Most Innovative Specialist Disability Accommodation in Australia today

Every “SDA Wattle and Banksia” Series High Physical Support Category Home includes 33 mandatory criteria to meet the NDIS SDA Design Standard and 55 more upgrades to meet the ADH SDA Design Standard which includes those little extras that make living in ADH SDA homes fun

Australian Disability Homes

Explore Our Unique Home Features

  • Spacious Kitchen / Dining

    ADH SDA Homes have all necessities at wheelchair reach – adjustable benchtop, roll-out pantries, roll-out waste bins, pull-down shelving, pull-out mixer/juicer shelf and dishwasher drawer

  • Very Large Bedroom Suite

    ADH SDA Homes boast larger than standard suites, ample rolling space, room for queen size bed suite, built in desk with wheelchair access and all electronic connections, TV wall mount

  • Ensuite Bathroom

    ADH SDA Homes have wheelchair access upright/prostate hand basin, toilet, frameless/hobless shower, fold away shower seat, grabrails where needed and more as towel rails

  • Participants Roll-In-Robe

    ADH SDA Homes have a unique roll-in robe, wheelchair reach hanging and drawers, pull-down clothes rail, standard reach hanging and drawers, shoe shelves and a storage cupboard

  • Spacious Living

    ADH SDA Homes have a spacious living room with ample room for wheelchair accessibility and lounge suite, coffee table and an entertainment unit offering ample room to entertain

  • Smart Assistive Technology

    ADH SDA Homes are controlled through a smart assistive technology system – all lights, doors, windows, blinds, TV and Air Con are operated from smart phone, iPad or the wall mounted touch screen

  • Wheelchair Kitchen

    ADH SDA Homes have all the “bells and whistles” electric adjustable benchtop, pull-down shelving, side opening oven, wheelchair reach double pantries, push to open drawers and cupboards

  • Wheelchair Garage

    ADH SDA Homes have a special wheelchair garage with full access doorway within the garage or the Home for participants extra or auxiliary wheelchairs

  • High Garage Ceiling

    ADH SDA Homes have a double garage with a high ceiling to enable the parking of a SIL service van to facilitate either side or rear wheelchair access

SDA options to suit your Goals

The SDA offered by PSA is either for rent or purchase, and if purchase is desirable a participant can utilise the NDIS payments to service a Mortgage

PSA can introduce participants to some lenders who offer this option.
PSA will work closely with the participant’s family, support coordinator or plan manager to ensure that an ADH SDA home suits their goals

SDA Homes Available for Rent click HERE

Service provider

Benefits for SIL Service Providers

  • PSA Bridges the Gap

    Property Specialists Australia (PSA) bridges the gap in Specialist Disability Accommodation between SIL Service Providers, Support Coordinators, their Participants and the Landlord

    PSA assists by allowing separation of SIL and SDA services offered to Participants leaving the SIL Providers to focus on their core services

  • Registered SDA Provider

    Property Specialists Australia (PSA) is a Registered NDIS Provider of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

    PSA will work closely with other Service Providers, Support Coordinators, and Allied Health Professionals to achieve successful delivery of enrolled SDA dwellings to eligible NDIS Participants

  • On-Site Overnight Assistance

    ADH SDA includes excellent On-Site Overnight Asssistance Accommodation for SIL Support Staff who will have convenient secure access to Participant's Suites in the case of planned or urgent support

    With SAT throughout high-speed Internet is provided with hard wire connection in the OOA Suite

The choice to rent or buy

Explore Our Home Designs

  • SDA Wattle 200
    “No Share”

    The “Wattle” offers a participant the “No share” option giving the choice of how one wishes to live, not having to share with another participant

    Know more about the Wattle
  • SDA Banksia 240
    “Two Share"

    The “Banksia” offers the “Two Share” option, two participants sharing with only one other participant in common areas but each with their own private participant suite

    Know more about the Banksia
  • SDA Acacia 360
    “No Share”

    The “Acacia” offers the “No share” option enabling the participants the level of independence they desire yet having a like neighbour and shared 24/7 OOA support

    Know more about the Acacia

*All homes include OOA accommodation


Three Simple Steps

Step 1

Simply click "Speak to a Specialist" complete the form and submit it to the PSA Team

Step 2

Team PSA will contact you to discuss more relevant information about the ADH SDA Homes

Step 3

Team PSA will arrange an inspection of an ADH SDA Home depending on availability

A place for participants to call their own

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SDA Acacia 360
“No Share”
  • “No Share” - Two Participants
  • Two Participant Dwellings, one OOA Apartment
  • Wheelchair accessible Roll-in-Robes
  • Double Garage with High Ceiling
  • Every Dwelling has an Alfresco Courtyard
  • House and Land on a single block
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SDA Banksia 240
"Two Share"
  • “ Two Share” - Two Participants
  • Two Participant Suites, one OOA Suite
  • Wheelchair accessible Roll-in-Robes
  • Double Garage with High Ceiling
  • every Home has an Alfresco Courtyard
  • House and Land on a single block
View entire house
SDA Wattle 200
"No Share"
  • “No Share” One Participant
  • One Participant Suite, one OOA Suite
  • Wheelchair accessible Roll-in-Robes
  • Double Garage with High Ceiling
  • every Home has an Alfresco Courtyard
  • House and Land on a single block
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